IdiomaX Mobile Translator

IdiomaX Mobile Translator (SP) 5.0

Turn your phone into a mobile translator


  • Accurate translations
  • Conjugates verbs
  • Neatly presented


  • No phonetic notation

Very good

Working in Spain and being of English tongue I often get caught short when out shopping, in a restaurant or chatting with friends. Rather than investing in a pocket translator I decided to give the IdioMaX Mobile Translator a go on my mobile phone.

The program is a powerful language tool that provides a complete environment for translating word, phrases or even conjugating verbs in five different languages, namely: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

The interface is neatly laid-out and has preset options for translating between two particular languages, meaning you just need enter the word or phrase you want to translate then select the corresponding translation.

I found the accuracy of the translation very good and it's certainly much better than most of the web-based translators out there.

I would've liked to see phonetic notation to help with pronunciation but on the whole, IdiomaX Mobile Translator provides an effective way of deciphering foreign languages while you're out and about.

IdiomaX Mobile Translator is a tool that allows you to change your Windows Mobile device into a portable translator. The application offers many different types of functions for translating from one language to another, and supports five different languages.

IdiomaX Mobile Translator


IdiomaX Mobile Translator (SP) 5.0

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